Shop Floor Automation System

As a part of a new processing plant that performs Heat Treating and then Stamping and Slitting processes on aluminum […]

Rolling Data Collection

TelePro was approached by a customer  and asked to design and implement a data acquisition and storage system for an […]

Control System IO Replacement

A long time customer of TelePro’s had a plant that needed to replace 30 year old Mustang PLC I/O hardware […]

Laundry Equipment Firmware

Our laundry services client had a unique challenge for TelePro:  They needed their laundry management system to be able to […]

Admin Web Portal for SAAS

The Web Administrative Portal site is our customer’s state of the art management portal used by its customers to manage […]

TelePro Staging Lab

TelePro has a dedicated, in-house, 1000 sq ft staging lab that we can quick-deploy development systems for customers.  TelePro provides […]

SAAS Private Cloud Environment

Our customer is a SaaS provider to the coin operated laundry industry.  Our customer needed a set of systems that […]

Rolling Data Collection System – Detailed Case Study

TelePro designed and implemented a data acquisition and storage system for an integrated set of aluminum rolling mills. The system was built on process control systems to acquire, record, and display the coil quality information in real time.

Communications Drivers

TelePro has, on numerous projects, designed and implemented communications systems between a Human-Machine Interfaces or SCADA system and a wide […]