Smelting Control System

For better than 20 years, TelePro has been contracted as a Tier 1 thru Tier 3 support team for the in-house aluminum smelting control system that is owned by a major Aluminum manufacturer, which has been commissioned at over 21 different smelters world wide (9 in North America, 2 in South America, 7 in Europe and 2 in Australia).  Our customer's primary engineering services team considers us an integral part of their design and deployment team, and we work along side their engineering staff to participate in any and all duties required to keep these installations running efficiently and to keep all sites running on the forefront of technological advances.

We support all aspects of their standard computer control architecture, and have participated in both tertiary and primary project management rolls on projects at all levels, including but not limited to:

  1. End-to-end project management services
  2. System design
  3. Hardware support and maintenance
  4. Network configuration and deployment
  5. IT security development and audit
  6. Virtual and Physical OS Staging, cloning and deployment
  7. Application Development, including C/C++, VB, CGI, SQL Database, Rockwell Ladder Logic, and proprietary hardware level languages
  8. Local and onsite factory acceptance testing and QA reviews
  9. Onsite and remote commissioning of systems, as required by each project
  10. Deployments on customer schedule (working remote site hours - We don't charge overtime for off hours work)
  11. Post-Commissioning Support