TelePro, Inc. is a privately owned and operated software consulting company established in 1976. We specialize in software for large manufacturers: process control, data acquisition, graphical operator workstations and HMIs, shopfloor management, custom HR software, and communication interfaces to all types of computers and devices.

TelePro's clients include many Fortune 500 companies, and we've become a valued partner to major manufacturers in the aluminum, steel, glass, and petroleum industries. We have installations on 6 of the 7 continents, but that's only because our customer's haven't opened facilities in Antarctica, or we'd have gone there too.

We pride ourselves on consistently achieving the highest quality work with the latest technology and tools available, and our longstanding partnerships speak to the satisfaction of our customer relationships.


On Time

We always strive to complete our projects ahead of schedule

Under Budget

We will deliver you a solution at or below the cost that we estimate, or we won’t do the job.

Never Fails

We don’t give a solution that works, we give you a solution that doesn’t fail.