Communications Drivers

TelePro has, on numerous projects, designed and implemented communications systems between a Human-Machine Interfaces or SCADA system and a wide variety of Process Control host systems. This communications system would be responsible for initiating and maintaining communications with the Process Control host system and providing access to variables defined in multiple global common areas, binary file-based variables, high speed process variable trending, and historical data trending.

Examples of communications supported protocols would include:

  • TCP/IP
  • Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP)
  • Serial asynch
  • Frame-level Ethernet
  • RS-232/RS-485
  • Proprietary PLC Produce/Consume

Host processor & operating systems included:

  • Windows OS / Windows Server
  • Unix
  • HP/UX
  • Modcomp / Max IV and Max 32
  • Modcomp (Motorola) / RealX
  • Modcomp (PC) / PC-RealX
  • DEC Alpha / DecUnix