SAAS Private Cloud Environment

Our customer is a SaaS provider to the coin operated laundry industry.  Our customer needed a set of systems that could process and store tens of thousands of transactions from thousands of proprietary devices that are distributed across hundreds of coin operated laundry facilities located all over North America.  TelePro designed, built, deployed and continues to support and improve a computer control environment in a private internet cloud that resides in a PCI compliant datacenter.  We maintain thee identical environments: one for development, a second for QA testing, and a third for production, that allows us to fully vet all modifications and improvements prior to rolling into production.  TelePro manages and drives all hardware maintenance, in addition to all product and security development for this entire infrastructure.  Our tech support team is on call 24-7, and we have maintained a >98% uptime since commissioning the system in 2012.