Admin Web Portal for SAAS

The Web Administrative Portal site is our customer's state of the art management portal used by its customers to manage hundreds of coin laundry stores. It features an enterprise level cloud infrastructure, industry leading breadth of laundry business specific capabilities, web centric design, and automatic laundry machine control.

Designed for high availability and scalability it runs on a variety of virtual machines in an enterprise level cloud hosting center. Distinct servers for web, database, and support systems optimize the use of machine resources and provide automated failover capabilities for each subsystem. Automatic backups protect against data loss. The centralized management of the service relieves store owners from dealing with hosting hardware or software maintenance responsibilities.

Custom designed for our client and based on many years of previous experience servicing the laundry industry this system contains everything a store owner might need to manage his business at one or many stores. Customers can customize each machine as desired by location or location groups. Prices can be unique to a location or shared widely. Scheduling of prices or features can all be done through this system. Extensive reports allow the business owner to carefully monitor all aspect of the business on as frequent a basis as desired.

Featuring a web core, store information can be accessed via web browser, mobile application, or text messages. Clients of the laundry machines can also sign up for alerts when the laundry is done or manage loyalty accounts at each store. Credit and debit card processing is included as well. Built using Microsoft MVC development tools and connected to Microsoft SQL Server databases this modern web solution leverages some of the best tools available to efficiently provide custom functionality.

The Admin Portal handles a lot of information but the real work is managing the operation of all the washing and drying machines that do the laundry onsite. Supporting all the major manufacturers of commercial coin laundry equipment allows the Admin Portal to be used with most machines. Supporting thousands of models and dozens of major equipment types the system can manage prices, payment, configuration, status, and loyalty features for them all. Highly customized serial communication drivers enable card reader devices connected to the machines to coordinate operations from far away by web, phone or tablet.

Our staff provides ongoing development, support, and keeps a close watch on the system status to insure our customer, and their clients, and all those client's customers can wash, dry, and plan 24 hours a day 365 days a year.