Required VEG/EE Demonstration Parameters

Fixed Input Parameters

The following mill parameter information will be required of the test mill. This data will be read from an initialization file by the system startup process.

  Description Units Value
1 Unwind gear ratio (motor : mandrel) -none-  
2 Unwind fixed moment of inertia kg-meter^2  
3 Unwind mandrel diameter mm  
4 Mill modulus metric tons / mm  
5 Step response of HGC cylinders
(2nd order)
peak time (sec)  
overshoot (%)
6 Filter time constant of exit gauge (1st order) sec  
7 Transport distance = mill bite to exit gauge mm  

Real-time Analog Signal Scaling (I/O Range: [-10V, +10V] )

  Description Linear Coefs
(EU = Ax + B)
Units Value
1 Mill speed (A/I) A (m/s)/volt
B m/s
2 Exit gauge deviation (A/I) A mm/volt
B mm
3 Unwind coil diameter (A/I) A mm/volt
B mm
4 Unwind current (A/I) A amps/volt
B amps
5 Gap position correction (A/O) A mm/volt  
B mm
6 Unwind current correction (A/O) A amps/volt  
B amps

Rolling schedule

The following schedule information will be required of each coil.  This data may be entered manually prior to the start of a test / demonstration run, while normal operation would have this information automatically supplied in an initialization file.

  Description Units Value
1 Entry gauge mm  
2 Exit gauge mm  
3 Strip width mm  
4 Material density kg/m^3  
5 Max planned run speed meters/sec  
6 Unwind tension target (reference) N/mm^2  
7 Top backup roll diameter mm  
8 Top work roll diameter mm  
9 Bottom work roll diameter mm  
10 Bottom backup roll diameter mm