Spectrum Systems Engineering (SSE) is a process automation and analysis engineering firm specializing in real-time process control, data collection / signal processing and related engineering design, analysis, and training. Our staff includes experts in steel and aluminum rolling mill automation, digital signal processing, real-time computing platforms, computer system communications, human-machine interface systems and industrial systems integration.

The company was established in 1996 as the Engineering Division of TelePro, Inc. TelePro has been providing industrial and laboratory software solutions and system integration services to manufacturing clients since 1976. These services include:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Human-Machine Interface Systems
  • Computer Communications
  • Database Systems
  • Client Product Development

In 1996 TelePro began expanding its capabilities to include in-house process control expertise, the Tsentry high-speed real-time process computing platform, and several rolling mill automation products, including:

  • On-line and Off-line Rolling Process Models
  • Non-Interactive Rolling Mill Gauge and Tension Controls
  • Automatic Sheet Flatness Control
  • Cyclical Disturbance (Eccentricity) Control
  • Hydraulic Mill Stand Control
  • Unwind and Rewind Drive Control
  • Coil Quality Monitoring and Data Storage System

Examples of TelePro/SSE installations since 2000 include:

  • 8 complete Tsentry rolling mill automation systems (replaced 8 Modcomp 9250/9260 computers and 1 Measurex system)
  • 6 additional mill systems in which either TelePro/SSE control technology or the customer's proprietary technology was implemented on the customer's computing platform:
  • Modcomp 9250
  • Compaq-DEC Alpha/UNIX
  • PC/QNX
  • 7 Tsentry non-destructive product inspection systems (7800 hardware interrupts per second, motion control at 400 updates per sec.)
  • Rolling mill setup model and adaption system upgrade:
  • Migrated the customer's proprietary setup model technology from a DEC Micro-VAX computer to the Tsentry computing platform.
  • Upgraded the human-machine interface from a DOS-based system to Internet web pages displayed on networked PC's.
  • Shop floor automation / production control system for an aluminum sheet finishing plant:
  • Migrated TelePro software commissioned in 1997 from a Compaq-DEC Alpha running UNIX to the Tsentry computing platform.
  • Migrated the system relational database from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Updated human-machine interface software consisting of over 60 operator displays and over 60,000 lines of application code.
  • Reconfigured process control and plant site networks to implement the customer's corporate security policies.

The company has developed longstanding relationships with most of its clients, which include several major manufacturers of aluminum, steel, glass, and petroleum products. We have also consulted for several large suppliers of industrial automation and drive systems, primarily in the area of system communications. A partial list of clients follows:

  • Nucor Steel
  • Norandal
  • US Steel
  • Pechiney Rolled Products
  • National Steel
  • Nichols Aluminum
  • LTV
  • ABB
  • Steel Dynamics Inc.
  • GE Drive Systems
  • ACME Steel
  • Modcomp
  • ALCOA, Inc.
  • Siemens
  • Alumax
  • Amoco
  • Eastalco Aluminum
  • Shell Oil
  • Hoogovens Aluminium
  • Corning
  • Logan Aluminum
  • GE Aircraft Engine Group

TelePro/SSE systems are currently installed across the US as well as in Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America.


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