Laboratory / Test Systems

Laboratory and test environments have a set of challenges that computers address very well. In the laboratory, engineers and scientists are running experiments and producing data to determine the direction and success of their projects. In a test system, the engineer is concerned with quality and reliability of the parts or equipment being produced on the manufacturing floor. Both laboratory and test computers have similarities due to the types of instruments, computers, data analysis software, and the effect the data has on the direction of the experiment or production line.

The computers and instruments used are typically PCs with multimeters, voltage/current sources, relay switching, digital input/output, and analog input/output. The interface between the main PC and the data acquisition/control instruments is serial (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485), parallel (IEEE 488, GPIB), or added directly into the PC (HP, Fluke, or IBM PC boards).

The amount of software and hardware available to accomplish tasks in the laboratory and test environment is quite impressive. We have been very successful in helping our clients choose and implement the existing products needed to accomplish their job. When they do not exist, we will develop the necessary interfaces to ensure the existing pieces work in concert.

In summary, the laboratory and test environments can take advantage of available software and hardware tools needed to do 80% of the project, while TelePro provides the remaining application software and hardware to complete the solution. We offer our clients cost-effective solutions to meet their computer needs, allowing them to concentrate on achieving results.