Rolling Mill Automatic Flatness Control (AFC)

The TelePro/SSE AFC system consists of integrated control of work roll bending, HGC tilting, variable roll crown shifting (if available) and multi-zone work roll cooling to minimize deviations between target and measured exit strip stress distributions.

Rolling Mill Stand Controller

The TelePro/SSE hydraulic mill stand controller performs Level 1 device control of the hydraulic cylinders associated with work roll gap positioning, roll bending, and backup roll balancing in rolling mills. A mill stand state machine manages coordination and sequencing of the individual actuator systems, as well as transitions between operating states.

Automatic Gauge and Interstand Tension Control (AGC/ITC)

The TelePro/SSE AGC/ITC system consists of a basic delay-compensating feedback control algorithm as well as an ITC system for multi-stand mills. The AGC/ITC functions utilize non-interactive actuator networks–combinations of simultaneous stand speed and roll gap position (or force) changes which decouple strip thickness and tension changes.

VEG/EE Gauge Control System

The Virtual Entry Gauge/Encoderless Ecomp Gauge Control System (VEG/EE) is a quality control system for rolled-product manufacturers. This computerized solution replaces expensive and maintenance-hungry entry gauges and roll encoders and utilizes the latest in digital-signal-processing techniques.

Spectrum Profile and Shape Model

The Spectrum Profile and Shape Model (SPS) is a new rolling mill analysis and modeling software suite, integrating proven mathematical models derived from the fundamental physics of the rolling process and applicable to a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

Tsentry Control Platform

The TelePro Tsentry system is a general-purpose, stand-alone process control computing platform based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. It comes complete with all facilities required to develop and support real-time computing applications with program repetition rates as fast as 1 millisecond. The system is specifically designed for hosting custom process control, monitoring, and signal processing applications.