Shangjing Zhou


As a software engineer, Shangjing Zhou specializes in projects for aluminum and glass manufacturers.

TelePro Experience

  • A tracking system that monitors employee training requirements, plans and status. A Web-based tool is used for each employee to view their training status and enter training results.┬áThe system also provides the administrator with tools to manage training plans and report on the status of all employee training.
  • A work force scheduling system to optimize the regular and overtime schedule based on a set of rules and each employee's preferences. The main achievement of this system is fairness and efficiency in assigning overtime.
  • A system used to track and report the budget forecast of projects. The system provides Web-based tools for each project manager to view and maintain their own projects. It also supplies the tool for administrators to oversee project managers and to create reports.
  • A system used to evaluate the quality of a set of parts. A percentage of parts in a shipment is randomly pulled out for measurement and comparison against physical specifications. This system is used to record the measurements and calculate a pass/fail flag for each part. The system provides the user interfaces (Web and Windows) to configure the specifications within desired tolerances.
  • A Web application to provide company and personnel communications in the form of video. The application includes Web-based tools to allow administrators to configure the presentation Web pages.
  • A system used to monitor a process and evaluate the environmental-related data for the plant. The system greatly automates the environmental impact evaluation process and provides consistent and accurate data for EPA audits.
  • A Windows application determines the best potential use of a specific piece of glass. It processes raw analysis data against customer specifications and provides the optimum graphical location to lay out a part.
  • A system monitors an industry process and provides wireless hand-held device solutions for the activities on the production floor. The system makes the processes more accurate and efficient.
  • A system manages a large number of image files: the image file modification, versioning, importing/exporting, printing, etc.
  • A state of the art process┬ásystem that monitors the production of powdered aluminum for solid rocket fuel, paint, and a variety of personal products. The system pulls data from multiple sites within the plant.

Prior Experience

Before joining TelePro, Shangjing worked for a large automobile credit company as a software engineer. He designed and developed a client/server funding system with interface programs for reporting.

Prior to that, Shangjing did research for the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) at the University of Colorado in Boulder. There he developed graphical user interface experiment control and data acquisition systems. He also developed simulation programs for the trajectory of charged particles in an electromagnetic field, the detection of synchrony in the discharge of a population of neurons, and the applications of quantum cryptography.


PhD/Physics, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1993

MS/Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, 1985