Krista Rickard


Krista Rickard's specialties include staging, documentation, RMA management, screen development, security updates, MS Excel development

TelePro Experience

Krista supports our clients by staging computers to prepare them for the manufacturing environment. This involves installing both standard software for operations and installing custom application software, ensuring the system is specially configured to a client's site and environment.

Her work in staging systems also positions her to be a valuable part of the documentation team. Her installations and tests keep the staging, development, commissioning, and maintenance documents current. She ensures that all procedures--whether those we install or those that our customers complete post commissioning--are thorough and easy to follow.

Krista is also the RMA manager of a client's proprietary product.  This wireless temperature measuring device has multiple pieces of hardware requiring staging and maintenance. When challenging factory conditions cause breakdowns, she also ensures the hardware is repaired and returned to service quickly.

She develops tools used in network administration and maintenance. This includes creating custom user-interface screens for clients and supporting ongoing changes during the commissioning stages.

Prior Experience

Prior to coming to TelePro, Krista has seven years of experience as a construction supervisor and four years as a residential appraiser.