Erik Jensen


Erik Jensen's focus is the design, development and commissioning of industrial process control systems. He has experience working with the latest .NET technologies including VB, C#, ASP.NET, as well as the traditional programming languages of C/C++ and Fortran. Erik also has considerable experience with Microsoft SQL databases and is highly skilled at Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

TelePro Experience

  • Development of web site and database system for cloud-based administration and management of commercial laundromats.  Erik is a member of the software development team and leads major product software releases.  In the first year alone, the system was installed at over 50 locations.
  • Development and implementation of a portable measurement system designed to help optimize the aluminum smelting process. The device is able to report key pot operating parameters in minutes rather than hours in the lab.  The results are organized in XML files and transmitted to a central reporting database. The system utilizes ZigBee (802.15.4) and Wi-Fi (802.11g) protocols for wireless communications and has been successfully deployed at dozens of locations worldwide.
  • Conversion of a proprietary device to a commercially sellable product.  Licensing, security, and IP protection were implemented as essential components to allow for permitted usage and controlled distribution.  Technologies include SecuTech USB dongles, Themida source code obfuscation, and custom file encryption.
  • Modernization of an ingot tracking system. The original system relied on obsolete hardware with software no longer easily supported.  Erik's work included both the development of the business logic conversion from Fortran to C and the user interface upgrade from DOS terminals to Microsoft Windows thin-clients.  Additionally, system communications were upgraded from RS-232 to TCP/IP to enhance interoperability with other systems.
  • Creation of a graphical analysis and reporting tool written in Excel VBA for plotting ultrasonic inspection data. This tool has helped the client's process analysts develop new quality control metrics, allowing operators to make consistent evaluations of inspected plate.
  • Development and commissioning of a vibro-acoustic slag detection system for steel casting production centers worldwide. These systems improve steel quality of cast ingots by preventing the introduction of slag from the ladle into the tundish.  Today, Erik is solely responsible for all development including communications with multiple types of PLCs, including Siemens and Modicon, over a variety of protocols such as Profibus, Modbus, and Ethernet.  Erik has personally performed commissioning of 21 systems at 9 sites in 6 countries.
  • Multiple projects have developed custom Microsoft Windows Embedded devices for a variety of clients and uses.  Embedded systems offer a tailored environment with minimal overhead and reduced licensing costs, providing cost efficiency and customization for specific features.
  • Application development for Windows CE handhelds utilizing wireless database and file connectivity. This mobile environment has freed the client to work on operations anywhere.


B.S./General Engineering, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, 2005

Professional Engineer Registration

  • 2011, Illinois