Elena Shemyakina


Elena Shemyakina designs software for middle- and large-scale projects using her considerable knowledge of structure and object-oriented design methodologies. Her experience and in-depth knowledge are valuable resources for TelePro's Rapid Response Support.

TelePro Experience

Elena has 15 years at TelePro working on projects in a variety of industries:

  • Corporate-wide standard data acquisition and process control system to monitor aluminum smelting. It includes a database and more than a hundred screens to allow tracking and control of the process in real time. The system also provides different tools for visualization, data analysis, and reporting.
  • Multi-purpose application for a glass manufacturer that supports paperless system of monitoring glass properties as they are adapted for various special uses. All process and shipping data are acquired and reported by this database.
  • Totally automated laundry, a system that replaces the traditional coin-operated Laundromat. This proprietary system provides complete store management for all levels of operations. 
    • Customers dispense or add value to their own cards via touch screen instructions and then use the cards to vend laundry machines. They no longer need to carry coins
    • Employees access their schedules, clock in/out, receive and report their specific duties, tag-out broken equipment with service information, and restart machines for customers without carrying cash.
    • Managers have remote access to all store transactions, customer data, and equipment status through a standard Internet browser and a set of secure web pages. They can also configure dynamic pricing and customer incentives via the same interface.

Prior Experience

For ten years Elena worked as a software engineer at the United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy, and the International Center of Artificial Intelligence (both organizations are part of the Russian Academy of Science), as well as doing financial application design for Sibilant, Inc. Her work at these sites included projects such as paleontology data analysis and interpretation, graphical user interface for geology databases pattern recognition, and data analysis of APIs expert system engine design and development.


M.S./Computer Science, Novosibirsk State University, College of Applied Mathematics, Russia

Personal Note: Elena is a ranked marathon runner, having competed in 34 to date. She took first place in her age group in the Boston Marathon in 2013, with similar firsts in the Chicago and Berlin Marathons in 2010. She won first place overall in 2012 at the Mercedes Marathon in Alabama, simultaneously achieving the distinction of oldest overall winner, male or female.